Welcome to our Services page. We are a custom built Audio Engineering, Recording,  Song Writing and Video Production studios. We offer a wide range of services that includes all the things below and more. What ever it is your are doing and you need help with, audio, video, mixing, mastering, audio repair or anything else that you need doing in a studio please get in touch we will be able to help you. Our rates are very affordable and variable depending on what it is you want doing.

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Demo Production

Full song, EP, Album, or Demo production.

We can turn all your ideas into full songs from musical arrangement to recording using our session musicians including , editing, final mix and mastering. We turn your original lyrics, musical ideas, tunes, chord structures, melodies into fully finished products. Whether you are a singer/songwriter looking to record and share your songs or a band looking to make demos or an EP we are here to help you with your ideas. Whether you want to record a single, Ep, Album or Demo, together we take your music from rough ideas to fully produced commercially ready tracks. Our rates are very competative, making sure your project is affordable. You will be guided through every aspect of the process. Your finished tracks will then be edited, mixed with any effects required such as eq , compression, reverb etc then mastered to industry standard. You will receive high quality audio and mp3 files of your finished songs. Contact us with your creative ideas See our Portfolio

Session Work

Session Work.

We can add extra tracks to your projects/demos. We can add guitars, bass, keyboards,drums, vocals, harmonies, sound effects etc. Using our session musicians we can add that extra flair to your music in what ever style of music you need and to your specific requirements. Contact us

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering.

Mastering is the final and most important stage of your audio production including a combination of EQ, Multiband compression, Stereo imaging and Limiting. Mastering also sets the output volume of your finished audio ready for commercial use. Have you ever wondered why some audio is quite compared to others or one youtube video is quite the next one is loud. Its because they have not been mastered to the correct volume output required by the media industry.

You may have recorded your audio/songs/podcast or other media somewhere else but you may need them professionally mixed and mastered. You may already have a demo of a song or some other audio files but the audio is poor. You may have audio from a podcast or audio from a video or film or any other type of media that needs cleaning up and remastering. We can edit, clean up and remaster them bringing them up to industry standards.

We offer a full Mix and Mastering service where you can send us your audio stems or audio files and we can mix and master them to your requirements and to industry standards ready for commercial use. What ever audio you have that needs editing, cleaning up, normalising, mixing and remastering then we can help. Contact us with your mixing and mastering needs

Song Writing

Composition for all media projects.

We can create for you high quality music productions for all your media needs. We specialise in music for adverts, jingles, presentations etc. We can produce any music to your specific requirements. We can provide quality original bespoke music for all media covering; Adverts, corporate explainer videos, educational videos, animations, music for videos, soundtracks, voice overs, jingles and any other media projects you may have.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your projects before, during and at the end of the process. We can work to tight deadlines and we are not precious about our work so you would always be encouraged to give as much honest feedback as needed until you are satisfied. Contact us with all your musical requirements

Sound Waves

Sound Engineering.

You may have audio that is damaged or full of noise and needs repairing and optimising. Old audio files,videos with poor and damaged audio, what ever the problems are with your audio let us know as we will probably be able to help you.

We can clean up – Bangs, Crackles, Clicks, Pops, Hum, Buzz, Background noise, Microphone plosives, Excess mouth noise, Excess breaths, Adjust and normalise volume levels, EQ and Mastering. Contact us with all your sound engineering needs

Sound Effects

Adding extra audio and sound effects to existing tracks, films,videos.

In addition to fixing and optimising your audio, we can also add extra audio tracks, sound effects, voice overs etc for all your media projects. We can provide high quality voice overs for all manner of media projects, including telephone services, call waiting, professional corporate videos, advertisements and naration and more. If you need extra audio adding to your projects we are here to help. Contact us for adding extra audio to your tracks

Video Production

Video Production.

We can create videos for you using your video clips, images, add music of your choice or add one of our free to download audio tracks. We can add extra tracks or sound effects or what ever it is you require. Contact with all your video requirements